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If you're into photos that feel as real as you are, you want your memories made to last, and heirloom artwork for your walls, keep scrolling, I can't wait to meet you. 

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Welcome TO THE

Think about the last time you had a job interview or met up with a potential client or business partner. How much time and care did you spend getting ready for your meeting? You probably put some effort into carefully selecting your clothing, your hair (and maybe your makeup). That’s because as business people we […]

Personal Branding

Justin and Jessica have perhaps one of the most unique engagement stories I have heard. He lives in Oklahoma and she lives in Florida. By chance, they met on a skydiving adventure and immediately bonded over their combined interested in aviation.  She is a flight attendant and he has his private pilot’s license. Honestly, what are […]

Engagement Sessions

If you have found yourself on this page, it’s likely that you’ve inquired about booking a portrait session with me.  The very first step in our process is a pre-consultation at my Cle Elum photography studio.  Come on in, have some coffee, and let’s plan!  If you are not available to meet in person before your […]


Photographers all begin their journeys in different ways, for different reasons.  I think my passion for photography, in part, came from losing my parents early in life. I doubt that when my mother passed away she realized that my most prized possession would become a collection of family photographs dating back to the mid-1800s.  Every […]

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