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Mary Maletzke

What You Need to Know About Personal Branding and Headshots

May 31, 2018

Think about the last time you had a job interview or met up with a potential client or business partner. How much time and care did you spend getting ready for your meeting? You probably put some effort into carefully selecting your clothing, your hair (and maybe your makeup). That’s because as business people we realize that the way we look and carry ourselves is the very first impression we make on someone – today more than ever, first impressions matter. We will work together to create your visual brand by using photographs to show people what it is like to work with you. During our initial consultation, we will talk about whether to tell your story with your personal branding headshots, with a session that shows “a day in the life of…”, or with images at your desk or in your work environment.

Collage of Personal Branding Headshots with Cle Elum Photographer Mary Maletzke

First, you’ll want to bring about 3-5 outfit choices. Think about what these clothes say about your brand. Are you friendly and approachable? Your clothing should reflect a laid back but business appropriate style. Are you a no-nonsense attorney set to win? You’ll want bold and serious colors conservative in nature to express a formal and authoritative style. Our goal is that you look like your natural selves on our very best day. Ladies, for this reason, I personally recommend adding professional hair and makeup and can make those arrangements for you.

On Location Personal Branding Headshots with Cle Elum Photographer Mary Maletzke

The location also sets the tone of your branding headshot. An attorney might find a brick wall a great backdrop for their headshots to further convey the message of strength and dependability. Whereas a lifestyle blogger or family photographer might opt for a garden setting. A coffee shop owner might prefer their branding session take place on location!

Long haired brunette man Personal Branding Headshots with Cle Elum Photographer Mary Maletzke

The way we presently do business has changed dramatically in the world of digital commerce. While social media and Google may be an efficient medium for connecting, it’s a cold way to do business. Bring life and warmth to your online presence with a headshot and personal branding session. Remember the old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words? Let’s create personal branding that speaks to your audience.

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