Mary Maletzke


A Special Mothers Day Photography Session

  1. Amber Prentive says:

    Beautiful pictures of a family I love. Always amazed by the beautiful gestures your community offers Amanda and her family! Thank you for loving them!

  2. Candy Meck says:

    Hi, I am Amanda’s Aunt Candy. I never had the chance to meet Matt and hope one day to know her children. I was close to her Dad, my brother Lynn, and was fortunate to visit with him before he died. He was so proud of the women Amanda has become and just the mention of those girls lite up his face with the biggest smile. He knew he was blessed to have them. We grieve with her and the girls in their loss of Matt, and promise to always be there if needed. We love them all very much, they are our living link now to our beloved brother. The pictures are beautiful, Thank you. We love you all, Aunt Candy❤️❤️

  3. Helen says:

    These are so beautiful and such a special way to capture this snap in time. Delightful, fairy land of youth and the strength of Family.

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