Mary Maletzke


Ellensburg Family Photo Session on the Myers Ranch

  1. Tammy says:

    Beautiful family ❤️ Amazing we love every moment we get to spend with Clay, Debbie and the girls!

  2. Kathy says:

    Clay is the perfect candidate for sheriff!! And this family is everything you could want standing beside him!! CLAYTON MYERS FOR SHERIFF!!

  3. Jenny Hartnett says:

    Beautiful Family photo 💪💪💪

  4. Larry Gipson says:

    Clay is everything a resident could want in a Sheriff and neighbor in the community to keep our valley and town exactly like it is. Happy they have wonderful daughters to carry on that tradition. Beautiful pictures.

  5. Charles Myers says:

    What a wonderful write up. Thanks for the story. Clayton is my childhood best friend. So I can say what a stand up guy he is. Wonderful family.

  6. Sue Spence says:

    Beautiful family photos!

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