Mary Maletzke


Senior Photographer in Ellensburg: Madison Blackford

  1. Mrs. Schepman :) says:

    Oh wow! What wonderful photos – how can you capture a person’s heart and beauty – well this is how! I was going to say Maddie is a beautiful girl – because she’ll always be my second grader – but I will change that to a beautiful, wonderful young woman, who will conquer the world!

  2. Candi Blackford says:

    Mary~ You captured my beautiful daughter in such an amazing way! The multiple photo sessions and the ability to read her like I do! When it was a “I’m done moment!” You knew. That says so much about how invested you are in this process. The blog is perfect and speaks true to our hearts❤. We are so thankful that you were able to be with us on this part of her journey~ Words cant express how thankful we are for you! You do amazing work! I am speechless and a little teary. ❤

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