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Mary Maletzke

Why Couples Portraits Shouldn’t Stop After Your Wedding Day

April 5, 2019

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Sarah actually reached out to me because someone in a Cle Elum Facebook group had asked for a local photographer and a number of amazing people recommended me. One of the greatest gifts to a photographer is being recommended by clients and friends! At the time Sarah was looking for business portraits for her real estate business and updated couples portraits with her husband Joe. They had recently moved to the area from the west side of Washington and had a lot to celebrate between the move and a new home.  What better way to document it than with updated couples portraits!

Couples Portraits of a man and women in the winter

Having a professional to photograph your wedding is a given for many people. Most couples even partake in engagement photos. But something happens after the wedding day, many of us no longer think about professional couples portraits together.

As if, the wedding day was the end of the story instead of just the beginning. We forget that 5, 10 or 15 years after the wedding day we have grown and changed. Like all good things, our relationship isn’t the same now as it was on our wedding day. It’s grown, matured and carved out a rhythm in married life. Chances are, we don’t look the same either.

Winter couples portraits of a man and woman walking on a bridge

For some couples, the act of starting a family and having their children’s portraits take precedence. But it is just as important for our children to see the photographic reminders of the love their parents hold for each other, as it is for them to see the photographic reminders that they are loved and cherished. Other times, grown children are no longer in the home and documenting this stage of life is also important.

Winter couples portraits of a man and woman on a bridge in the snow

Updating portraits of you as a couple isn’t only important to mark the passage of time. It’s a great way to celebrate major life milestones or anniversaries. One of the best ways to take couples portraits is by making a day of it. Get pampered at the salon or spa. Make the photoshoot about something you love.

Winter couples portraits of a man and woman with their dogs in the snow

Whether that’s a place that’s meaningful to you as a couple, a favorite date night location, or an activity you enjoy together. It’s a wonderful way to connect and create something meaningful together. For Joe and Sarah, moving to Cle Elum was about searching for a different pace of life. So for part of their couple’s session, we really focused on the quiet connection between the two of them and the beauty that’s so unique to Cle Elum and the surrounding area.

Winter couples portraits of a man and woman infront of their new home

When they moved to Cle Elum Joe and Sarah also took on the task of purchasing and renovating a new house. Now that their beautiful space was finished, they were specifically looking for wall art and an album of their session to help turn their house into a home.  I loved the way their portraits turned out and what better way to celebrate such an important milestone in their relationship!

Winter couples portraits hanging on a wall in their home

Winter couples portraits of a man and woman in the snow Winter couples portraits of a man and woman with the dogs in the snow Winter couples portraits of a man and woman with the dogs in the snow

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  1. Margaret

    April 5th, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    Such beautiful photos!

  2. Isabelle Kennedy

    April 5th, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    What beautiful photos! They look so sweet – and their dogs are super cute too!

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