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Mary Maletzke

What’s In My Camera Bag

April 2, 2019

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Photography Mentor photo of nikon camera gear in camera bag.

As a photography mentor, I am often asked what is in my camera bag and I’m always more than happy to share! It’s fun to peek inside another photographers bag and maybe even get new ideas for gear. But I also feel like it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, it isn’t the gear that matters as much as the knowledge to use it and the eye behind the lens.

Photography Mentor photo of camera bag.

The Bag

I keep my gear tucked safely into my Mindshift Bag. It’s not the prettiest thing in the whole world but it’s absolutely functional and meets the three most important criteria: It protects my equipment, fits the gear I need and everything has a place.

My camera bag has room for two bodies, plenty of lenses and accessories. The combination of waist and shoulder straps allow me to carry heavy gear without too much strain on my back. Lastly, the contents can only be accessed from the side that rests against your back which makes it great for travel!

Photography Mentor photo of nikon camera gear and accessories.

The Photography Gear

So what’s in my nifty camera bag? For starters, you should know I’m a Nikon girl.

Camera Bodies
The Nikon D850 and D810
I specifically use the D850 and the D810, because the large file sizes contain the detail I need to print large!


  • 24-70 2.8 Lens
  • 14-24 2.8 Wide Angle Lens
  • 60 2.8 Macro Lens
  • 85 1.4 Lens
  • 80-200 2.8 Lens

I only carry L series lenses because glass matters and can greatly affect image quality and reliability.

Memory cards
My two cameras require three different types of memory cards, SD, CF, XQD. I always purchase cards that are at least 150mps so that they can accommodate fast firing.

Photography Mentor photo of nikon camera gear in camera bag.

The most important accessory is my Spider Pro Dual Camera Waist belt along with the hand strap. It allows me to carry my cameras safely and effortlessly.

XRite ColorChecker
I use the XRite Color checker for when I am photographing a commercial job – I have to make sure the colors are perfect.

Portable Speaker
Because who doesn’t love music? My portable speaker is great for keeping me company while I’m working solo on commercial photography projects but can also help clients relax and set a mood during portrait sessions.


Can’t forget Blistex! Dry lips don’t photograph well. Lol

Have more questions?  I regularly offer 1 on 1 mentoring and I would love to answer! Just use the contact form on my website.

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