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Mary Maletzke

The Kelly Family Portraits in Cle Elum

November 22, 2019

If you have followed my photography journey for any length of time, you will have noticed my deep love and appreciation for printed artwork. It’s for this and numerous other reasons, that I say Wendie Kelly is the type of client every photographer dreams about. Wendie first contacted me about scheduling family portraits in Cle Elum in honor of her 50th birthday.  It was her gift to herself and really, what better gift could there be for someone who calls themselves a “picture person.”  “I love photos and love printed photos.  I believe that in today’s digital world, the story easily gets lost. I love that our album and canvas will create a family legacy.”

Mom and dad with older teenage children during Family Portraits in Cle Elum

For many years a well-loved canvas has hung over Wendie and Kevin’s fireplace. But as their family looks ahead to a momentous year with their youngest starting high school, & their oldest in her second year of college; Wendie felt it was time for an update. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. I love the photograph they chose for their new canvas!

Every part of Wendie and Kevin’s family session was meant to reflect their family’s closeness and bond, right down to the location at their Cle Elum property. As longstanding members of our community, and owners of All Seasons Vacation Rentals  Wendie & Kevin have a deep appreciation for the beauty of their home in the Central Cascades. “That view is why we chose the property and the peacefulness of it. We love the area and love where we live.” And I love creating portraits of people in their element with those they hold dearest.

Mom and dad with older teenage children during Family Portraits in Cle Elum

When I asked Wendie what she liked most about her session she shared this with me:

“I found your suggestions on styling really helpful, and appreciated that you arranged for makeup with Patti Gomes of Revive Makeup.  I felt like those things added to the ease of the session.  Also, you made me feel as comfortable as I can get in front of the camera.  I am usually not in the photos but it was important in the celebration of my 50th birthday to celebrate the family as a whole –  including me.”

As a mother and a photographer can I share with you how much I identify with that feeling? I think a lot of moms do. So often we’re behind the camera – or avoiding it entirely. We spend so much of our children’s lives documenting their every moment so that we may remember. But who will document us? How will our children remember us if we do not step into the frame?

Photo of older children during Family Portraits in Cle ElumDuring our session, we created a variety of portraits with their children Anna, Jake and Joel. However, we also made time to photograph Wendie and Kevin with their children individually and with each other as a couple. It’s so important as parents that we continue to honor our relationship as spouses in our portraits too. I love that more of my clients are opting to add a portrait of themselves to their collection as we design their canvas display. 

Photo of a mom and dad during Family Portraits in Cle Elum

Why Mary Maletzke Photography?

“I chose you because I think your photos are amazing and because I enjoyed meeting with you and felt you were professional and thorough.” 

In addition to updating their family portraits, we have also begun to plan Jake’s senior photos. Although he is a junior this year, now is the time to start the process since he would like basketball photos included in his album and potentially wall art. It’s crazy how time flies and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this beautiful family. 

The Kelly Family Portraits in Cle Elum


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