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Mary Maletzke

Mesha Howard’s All Inclusive Senior Portrait Experience

December 13, 2019

One of the best feelings as a photographer is getting a client who is excited for the all inclusive, full senior portrait experience. When Val contacted me about senior portraits for her daughter Mesha, she was most excited about the experience. I appreciated how much the entire experience was all inclusive; from arranging for hair and makeup to planning wardrobe and offering us a selection of locations to choose what fit Ke’mesha the best!” A senior portrait is about so much more than just a single photography session. It should be as much of an experience as any other highlight of your students senior year. Which is why I encourage multiple sessions spread throughout the seasons – and Mesha’s family was completely on board!

Ellensburg Senior Portraits of girl at Charlton sunflower farm

Mesha Howard is a senior of the Cle Elum-Roslyn High School Class of 2020. Her parents are Sam and Val Ward, of Ronald, WA, and Terill and Rena Howard, of Tacoma, WA. On top of being a overall great kid, Mesha is an incredible softball player with both the Varsity Softball CERHS and the Canes Fastpitch Elite travel team. On both teams she is known as an exceptional pitcher. In fact, in one high school game she had a total of 16 strike outs! When she’s not on the field she loves to hang out at Lake Cle Elum with friends, grab coffee at Lums, and go shopping at the Union Gap shopping complex. She has committed to Pierce College in Tacoma to play softball on an athletic scholarship and plans to study sociology. She will then direct transfer to Central Washington University in Ellensburg after her first two years.
Ellensburg Senior Portraits of girl on softball field

It was obviously important to capture Mesha on the softball field, otherwise known as her home away from home. But I’m so glad we were able to take advantage of multiple locations because she was stunning in every one!  We began in Ellensburg at Charlton Farm’s sunflower field, which I loved, but Val’s
favorite location was ultimately the lake. “The scenery, fall colors, and the PNW vibe were perfect.”  Their only regret? Not starting earlier!

Ellensburg Senior Portraits of girl in beautiful dress with mountains in the background

If we were to do this again, what would you want to do differently?
“We would start earlier! The fall sessions were cold!”

Of the printed artwork, what are you most excited about?
“We are especially excited about the photo album, although the canvas trio is super exciting too – each senior portrait is so different yet they coordinate so well! One of the items I know will make me cry is the album. I will have it forever, and it tells a story. It captures her in moments of laughter and seriousness and happiness. She’s going to go away to school and I will have this album. You were in places that remind me of how we spent time as a family as Mesha was growing up. It is so much more than a photo session – it is an experience.”

Ellensburg Senior Portraits of girl in pink dress

Why Mary Maletzke Photography?
Val: “I wanted the best. I have many friends who do this for a living yet I have never seen a bad product come out of your office. I have loved everything I have seen.
Mesha: “ I didn’t have a choice and was hesitant at first. After I met you and started the process, I knew that my mom made the right decision.”

Ellensburg Senior Portraits of girl in softball uniform against fenceEllensburg Senior Portraits of girl against brick wall Ellensburg Senior Portraits of girl on the softball field Ellensburg Senior Portraits of girl at Charlton sunflower farm Ellensburg Senior Portraits of girl in oversized sweater Ellensburg highschool photo of girl on a lake in washington with mountains in the background Ellensburg highschool photo of girl in front of lake  Highschool Photo of a Girl in softball shirt against brick wall Senior photo of a Girl in pink dress against a brick wall Senior photo of a Girl in pink dress against a brick wall Senior photo of a girl in a crop sweater and jeans Senior photo of a girl in a a jean jacket and jeansSenior photo of a girl sitting in the grass

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  1. Kelli Jackson

    December 14th, 2019 at 3:43 pm

    Ke’Mesha is one of the most beautiful person I know inside and out. I have pics of her as a child that are so striking that we all knew she would be a stunning adult. Mary, you captured her essence, beauty and grace. Like Val, Ke’’Mesha’s amazing Mom, when I wanted a mentor for my son’s aspiring photography business, I wanted the best. I chose you and Cody is so appreciative. Bravo Mary!

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